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Maximum comfort & warmth 

The cold winter temperatures will soon be approaching therefore now is the time to install those heated seats ready for the winter.

If you already own your own car and would like to upgrade it with heated seats, here at Sounds Alarming in Newcastle we can help.

We have been installing heated seats for many years in vehicles and are experts in this field. Whether your car has leather seats, vinyl or cloth we can install heated seats for you.

Furthermore, we can add the heated seats to all models of vehicles. Simply phone us with your make and model and we will give you a quotation. For your information, our heated seats can be fitted to both the front and rear seats if required.

Highly flexible coated heating elements are installed between the upholstery and the seat cover. This does not alter the shape of the seat in any way. We fit them to the seat base and lower back part for your maximum comfort and warmth.

Temperatures can be adjusted in stages to suit passengers preferences. Each seat has its own switch to enable passengers to set their own preferred level of heating.

Heated Seating 

Heated seating by leading brands such as Parksafe, CKO and Motormax 

Benefits of heated seats…

The main reason people choose heated seats is to stay warm, as the temperatures drop, there is nothing like a lovely warm seat to make your journey more enjoyable.

You can purchase new or used cars with heated seats, however, it can sometimes be challenging to find one which satisfies your wish list. Adding the heated seats after you have purchased gives you more flexibility in choosing the car you want.

Many people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, heat is a known remedy for back pain. Heated seats can help provide on the spot relief, while you are driving to work or whilst on a road trip.

Make sure you ride in comfort when the cold weather hits and book an appointment today to discuss the supply and fitting of your heated seats.

We are authorised retailers for all these brands, we can offer a supply and installation service.

Over the years we have won many awards for our installations.  All the products purchased and installed by our team will receive both a product and installation guarantee.


We also offer an install only service, if you have purchased a product elsewhere whether from another shop or online. Bring the product along with your car and we will give you a cost there and then for the installation.

Call into our shop in Newcastle to see our full range of in car entertainment systems available.

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