Meta Track S5 Deadlock System

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Meta Track S5 Deadlock System

Approved suppliers and installers for Meta Track S5 deadlock car tracking device. Which is the most comprehensive vehicle security and connectivity system on the market.

Total Vehicle Security

This system was developed in response to the huge increase in vehicle thefts. The Meta Trak S5 Deadlock offers advanced immobilisation along with Meta Trak’s new generation tracking technology, with a 24/7 control room monitoring and an app which is easy to use it is the ideal solution for your vehicles security.

GPS Car Tracking

Why is my vehicle at such a high risk of theft?
Whilst car makers technology advances have brought drivers more convenience, unfortunately they have also left vehicles more vulnerable to new theft methods. Concerning figures show that vehicle theft has hit a 6 year high and is not showing signs of abating.
Using unregulated equipment quite easily purchased on line. Criminals are bypassing cars standard security. The theft is often carried out by organised gangs, who most likely have a ‘chop shop’ which strips the car for parts or they are driven into a shipping container and sold overseas.

* (A) First thief picks up the signal from the key within your house, extending it to theif (B) standing by your car.
* The system thinks the original key is present and subsquently opens and starts your car.
When a vehicle is stolen it is a very stressful experience, when you consider being left without a car, having to hire a car, insurance claims, increased premiums. Its a lot less hassle trying to prevent the car from being stolen in the first place.

Security, Connectivity & complete peace of mind
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Meta Trak S5 Deadlock

The Meta Trak S5 Deadlock protects you from the latest theft methods.

Relay Attack

This is a system used by thieves, they are able to open and start your car and drive it away in seconds. Two transmitters or relay boxes are used one which is held close to the car and the other near to the property. This stretches the signal produced by the key, in order for the car to think the key is present.

OBD Compromise

The thief plugs in a technical device into the cars diagnostic socket the (OBD port) this fools the car into thinking the key is present or programs a new key.

Key Cloning

A threat to vehicles which are non-keyless entry cars, the key is cloned.

Keeping your vehicle secure

Automatic Immobilisation
With the advanced immobilisation solution arms automatically when the engine is turned off – there is no need to call the call centre or be concerned that you have forgotten to arm the immobiliser. When you are ready to drive off, just simply press the ID tag to disarm the system.

ID Tag

If any attempt is made to move your vehicle without the ID tag present, and instant alert will be sent to you and to our professional secure operating centre (SOC). Operating 24/7/365, the SOC will contact you to confirm whether the movement is unauthorised and will begin tracking your vehicle and liasing directly with the police.

Remote Deadlock Immobilisation

Putting you in complete control and taking security to another level. Remote Deadlock Immobilisation can be activated via your smartphone app or web. Once this is activated, the vehicle cannot start, even with the ID tag present. Should you lose your ID tag, then you have the reasurrance of being able to disarm the system via the smartphone app.

Always connected

The Meta Trak smartphone app and web will allow you to stay connected with your vehicle, anytime, anywhere. Features include:
* Market leading tracking technology that delivers pin point accuracy and covers the UK and Europe.
* Vehicle status updates, such as low battery, battery disconnect and service reminders.
* Journey history showing you the routes taken in the previous 30 days.
* Car finder feature, which is great for locating your parked car and will guide you to the vehicle.
* Geo-fence option, which alerts you if your vehicle moves in our out of a specified area, or breaches a set speed limit.
* An option to select special modes from smartphone app, such as privacy, service or transport.