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Within any trade, it is always nice to have ladder access for heavy duty work whenever it’s needed. This is made possible with the newest technology provided by Rhino products. The new aluminium ladder produces style and strength to the aesthetics of your work vehicle while being pleasing to the eye. This piece of developed technology is typically used for commercial vehicles. By using robust aluminium handrails and gas-filled nylon rungs, the Rhino Aluminium Ladder is an alternative lightweight option in comparison to most ladders within the industry. Compared to old models of Rhino steel Ladders, this ladder is 50% lighter and holds up to 120kg working load per ladder which is a significant improvement.

Features of the Rhino Aluminium Ladder 

As mentioned previously, the distinct choice of material contributes to the brilliant qualities which the product provides. The use of aluminium allows new opportunities  to be explored so that our products can provide the best service possible. A 50% lighter ladder compared to older models is by far the proudest achievement made to date. Easy-grip aluminium side rails provide safety in any workplace and with the use of composite materials, corrosion is reduced and durability is increased. The ladder rungs have anti-slip technology that provides optimum grip in all weather conditions. The fitting brackets have been completely redesigned for practicality and functionality. Additional support pads have been put in place to support the ladder and keep it stable on the back of the works vehicle.

Rhino Aluminium Ladder
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How can I fit the aluminium ladder?

The ladder and mount can easily be installed with a small number of tools. A 13mm spanner can be used for the job along with a screwdriver and the step. The ladder can easily be installed and is easily maintained because of the simple but effective design.

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