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Rhino Pipe Tube Pro Stockists and Installers

Since its initial launch in 2005 Rhino’s 3m PipeTube has proven to be extremely popular. The PipeTube pro is a full redesign of this already successful product that takes the lead in Europe for transportation of plastic conduit, copper pipe and other products of length.

Suppliers and installers of Rhino Pipe Tube Pro

So what makes this design better? The redesign contains a rubber seal that prevents any water from entering the tube, an integral locking system and an optional PVC lining. Not only this, the PipeTube Pro has been fully crash tested ensuring safety as it its highest standard. It also contains twin openings and a market leading carrying capacity.

Features of the Rhino Pipe Tube Pro

The new PVC lining

The new PVC lining is an optional extra with the PipeTube Pro, although there is a reason it has been a popular addition. This technology prevents the galvanic reaction between a copper pipe and the raw aluminium inside of the tube, increasing the products lifespan.

Intergral locking system

The old design had the lock in place below the tube. The new PipeTube pro however has its lock housed inside the tube. This improvement makes the lock harder to gain access to, improving security and also provides the most seamless look to the tube.

Powder coated paint finish

The new colour of the PipeTube pro has been designed to work with all van colours ensuring that the aesthetics of your vehicle are never compromised.


Features include:

  • 3m in length
  • Dual openings
  • Key lockable
  • Crash tested independently
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Large capacity of 59x15mm tubes (lined) and 66×15 tubes (unlined)
  • A side mounting kit and a universal standard fitting kit (available)

The Pro Ratings Have Arrived

Before general sale became available, a selection of people were able to provide their thoughts on the PipeTube pro and the feedback received proved that this product takes lead in its class for clear reasons. To find out the ratings click here 

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