SmarTrack S5+ iMOB Car Tracker

SmarTrack 5+ iMOB
SmarTrack 5+ iMOB

Subscriptions – Direct Debit £16.99  
Annually £199

2 years: £329

3 years: £429

Duration of vehicle ownership: £699

With all subscriptions, terms and conditions apply. Click here to view SmarTracks full terms and conditions.
Duration of vehicle ownership will cover you for the length of time you own the vehicle from installation.
Please note, this is only transferrable once within the first 12 months; anytime after this, a new subscription will be required.


Driver Recognition

As a requirement of the S5 Thatcham criteria the systems needs to come with a system that can verify the driver as an authorised user. Both the Smartrack S5 and S5+ devices, have driver recognition which can be in found either in the form of the D-iD mobile app or a physical Driver Detection card.

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SmarTrack S5+ iMOB is tested to Thatcham S5 standards. The system operates by using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS and GSM technology. In addition it has the added benefits of immobilisation helping protect your vehicle further.  Furthermore, the immobilisation activates each time the vehicle’s ignition is switched off, it also disarms through the Driver Detection card or the D-iD app available on smart phones. It comes with an internal battery backup, and the ability to remain operational when the vehicle’s power supply is removed. The device itself monitors the battery voltage level, as well as ignition status and also detects if the correct person is driving by using the driver recognition system.

Device and Installation MSP £899


Optional Alarm Input

Optional alarm input, also available is an aftermarket alarm this can be connected to the tracking device. When the alarm sounds the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre will make call to ensure the vehicle is safe.

Secure Online Account

The SmarTrack S5+iMOB device comes with a full online account allowing you to view the current and historical locations and journeys of the vehicle. In addition, it also has features such as Geofences and access to data reports. This online account is paired with a mobile app allowing you to access the vehicle’s location at any time.


S5+ device comes with an immobilisation element to the tracking device. Each time you switch the ignition off the vehicle is immobilised. In order to mobilise the vehicle you have to have a Driver Detection card or the D-iD app on your smart phone open within the actual vehicle to start.

Global Telemetrics App

Global Telemetrics app is available for bothAndroid/Apple devices. It shows real time up-to-date location information.

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