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Approved suppliers and installers for SmarTrack car tracking devices. All the SmarTrack products we stock use the latest in tracking technology.  They come with built in aerials, which make the trackers harder to trace in the event of the vehicle being stolen. Finally, our car tracking systems use GPS, GSM and GPRS to send the information via the Secure Global Telemetric Control Centre.

Thatcham Accredited Systems

All our systems are Thatcham Accredited Category 5 and 6, therefore recognised by insurance companies.

In addition, our vehicle tracking devices can be fitted to the following vehicles. Cars, Caravans, Motorhomes, Vans, Lorries, Plant Machinery and Tractors etc..

GPS Car Tracking 

GPS Car tracking made easy.
Monitoring your car has never been easier. Simply log on from your home or office and you can view your car live via the Internet with superb phone/tablet mapping. In addition, with Geofence, if your car moves you will be alerted. Furthermore, your car can be monitored via SmarTrack’s Secure Control Centre. Which operates 24 hours a
day, 365 days of the year. In the event of a theft, helping retrieve your car with the Police in the quickest possible time.

The Brand New Driver Tag Solution is a Bluetooth Enabled, Rechargeable Driver Recognition System.

This brand new Tag solution from Global Telemetrics is a replacement of the previous generation Driver Recognition System (DRS) which has since been discontinued. With the use of bluetooth and Cloud technology, waiting to install a separate receiver is something of the past. This new generation of Driver Tag is also fully rechargeable through a USB Charger which is also included with every Driver Detection enabled unit you purchase.

Smartrack 5 D-iD- (ios/android app based driver recognition) 
Smartrack 5 DD – (driver detection – rechargeable, bluetooth driver card)

Global Telemetrics New Driver Tag Solution

New Driver Tag Solution

What is the difference between Driver Detection and D-iD?

Driver Detection utilises a Bluetooth card that a customer must carry whenever they drive their vehicle. Our D-ID system operates instead via an Android/iOS device, removing the need to carry any separate driver cards

Additional Driver Detection Cards can be purchased, you can have as many cards as necessary to be paired with each system. Please note, each Driver Detection kit comes with one card and one charger. The card option is also the same size as a standard Credit or Debit Card, meaning they can be easily stored in a wallet or purse for easy storage.

D-ID System the D-ID system operates instead via an Android/iOS device, removing the need to carry any separate driver cards.

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