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As trusted Thule partners, we carry a large selection of roof boxes, roof bars and cycle carriers, which come with a 5-year warranty. Available in our showroom in Newcastle.

These roof boxes are built to last and have in their design stage been tested extensively for security and safety exceeding international requirements. Furthermore, Thule keeps a close eye on the latest designs in the automotive industry offering stylish solutions. They want your roof box to fit your car and suit the style of it, this is at the centre of their design thinking.

In addition, all the roof boxes which are featured below, are extremely user-friendly and very easy to attach. They offer a generous loading capacity and most of the models feature an easy load and unloading system no matter which side of the vehicle you are at. They come with central locking, air flow diffuser technology and are easy to fit to roof bars. 

Our selection of sleek and stylish roof boxes will not only offer you the ultimate protection and security. They can carry everything from outdoor gear and luggage to things for everyday life. While for bulkier cargo, a Thule roof basket can be just perfect.

If you live an active lifestyle or go on holiday or just need a bit extra space. We have a wide range of roof boxes to suit almost everyone’s requirements, including roof boxes for hire.

The Perfect Solution
For When Extra Space Is Required.

Thule Excellence XT Roof Box

The Thule Excellence XT Roof Box is not only cool and smart looking. It offers a lot of unique features. Most importantly your luggage will travel a lot safer. There is no need for strapping down loads its already done for you. Another feature is the LED box light it automatically comes on and off when opening and closing the lid. This gives perfect visibility inside the box day or night.

Two colour options are available gloss titan and deep gloss black.
Dimensions are 218 x 94 x 40 cm
Volume 470 litres


Thule Dynamic Roof Box

The Thule Dynamic Roof Box comes with two-colour options gloss titan and deep gloss black. Two different sizes are also available see below.

Thule Dynamic M800 and L900

M800 dimensions are 206 x 84 x 34cm and its volume is 329 litres

L 900 dimensions are 235 x 94 x 35cm and its volume is 430 litres


Thule Motion Roofbox

The Thule Motion is a spacious box line. If you are in need of a lot of space this is the perfect roof box. The all-new Thule Motion roof top box offers a spacious solution when travelling. This range of roof boxes has been designed to transport larger or more bulky luggage. This roof box has been engineered to exploit space efficiency. It comes with special innovations such as Thule’s Power Click Mounting System and Dual-Side, offering easy lid operation from either side of your vehicle.

These boxes succeed the popular Atlantis range by Thule. With this product they have created more space, aimed at people who travel fully equipped. These boxes are perfect for carrying skis, luggage and camping gear. All of the Thule Motions boxes have the new Power-Click roof bar brackets making it easier to mount the box onto a pair of roof rack bars.

Four different sizes are available in this design with a choice if two colours, gloss titan and deep gloss black

Thule Motion M 200

Dimension – 175 x 86 x 46cm
Volume 410 Litres

Thule Motion Sport 600

Dimension – 190 x 67 x 42cm
Volume 320 Litres

Thule Motion XL 800

Dimension – 205 x 84 x 45cm
Volume 460 Litres

Thule Motion XXL 900

Dimension – 235 x 94 x 47cm
Volume 410 Litres

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