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The importance of using Bluetooth hands free kits in your vehicle

There has never been a better time to invest in a Bluetooth hand’s free kit for your vehicle.

The crackdown on using mobile phones when driving

Over the past few month, we have seen police all over the Country take part in a campaign to highlight the dangers of using a mobile while driving. Unmarked police have been on the watch out for drivers using mobile phones in a recent crackdown.

New legislation is due to come in regarding the use of mobile phones whilst driving in March 2017. Furthermore, this legislation will make significant changes to the current penalties faced by motorists using a mobile whilst driving.

The new legislation in March 2017

Drivers not using a bluetooth hands free kit can currently be fined and issued with three points and a £100 fine.

Under the new legislation, these offenders will be fined £200 and receive six penalty points.

If a new driver has six or more penalty points within two years of passing their test their licence will be removed. Therefore meaning a new driver will lose their licence if caught using their mobile phone whilst driving.

In addition, many drivers have been caught looking at social media, texting on their phones. Other than the new heavier fines and penalties. Not being in proper control of your vehicle can risk your life and other peoples.

What is the current law for using your mobile phone whilst driving?

Under the current UK law, it is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone or similar device. This includes making calls or sending text messages whilst driving a car or motorcycle. Furthermore, these rules apply even if you are stood waiting in traffic or at traffic lights. If you are caught, you will be fined and given penalty points.


Are there any exceptions?

First of all, there are very few exceptions where a mobile can be used whilst driving.

For example, it is legal to use your phone to call an emergency service in a situation where it is either impractical or unsafe to stop.

Satelite navigation systems and two-way radios are legal to use when at the wheel. Provided you are in full control and not distracted by them.

Mobile phones which are hooked up to Bluetooth hands free kits, which are mounted on the dashboard or elsewhere in the vehicle can be used. Obviously, they are not allowed to be held in your hand at all.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Kits At Sounds Alarming

 PARROT MKI9000 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

Parrot i9000 allows you to sing along to your favourite music and use your phone in a safe way while driving. This is a Bluetooth hands-free kit which comes without a screen.  Music and playlists can be managed with a simple remote control. Which can be fitted on the steering wheel or you can have it activated directly by using your voice. 




Parrot MKi9200 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

Parrot MKi9200 another Bluetooth hand’s free system which combines music with your telephone tools. This system has a removable high-resolution 2.4” TFT screen, which is controlled by a remote control. The remote can be fitted either onto the steering wheel or your dashboard. In addition, the system can also be activated using your voice. This system includes a contact list, caller ID and photo and telephone data. In addition, the system allows you to view your complete playlist, complete with the artist name, track and album cover. 


 PARROT MKI9100 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

Parrot MKi9100 is a Bluetooth hand’s free kit. This product has a removable OLED screen with a wireless remote. At a simple glance, you can see your phonebook, menu, telephone status, a more simplified playlist as well as other features with the wireless remote control.



PARROT CK3000 Evolution Hands Free Kit

Parrot CK3000 Evolution this system is extremely easy to use. As well as it synchronising your contact list, this system gives a maximum audio quality by using the front speakers in your car.  In addition, this system comes with voice recognition making it one of the most intuitive and effective hands free systems.


Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit


parrot-hands-free-ck3100lcdParrot CK3100 system allows you to drive without having to touch your phone. There is a wireless connection between the Parrot CK3100 LCD screen and the Bluetooth mobile telephone. Offering an intuitive interface allowing users to manage all their incoming and outgoing calls. This system is also compatible with all brands of mobile phones. 

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