Bury CC9056 Plus Bluetooth Handsfree Kit


Bury CC9056 Plus Bluetooth Kit – The Ideal Stocking Filler

9056 plus THB Burry hands-free device with touchscreen and battery charge function for your mobile phone

Looking for stocking fillers?

The 9056 plus THB Burry bluetooth kit is a perfect stocking filler at a great price. Made by German manufacturers you can not only make phone calls but also stream your music.

A few of the features of this bluetooth hands-free kit

  • Access to voice tags stored on your mobile phone
  • Enjoy unlimited music, with the integrated 30 watt digital amplifier
  • Touchscreen for call handling, volume control and menu navigation
  • Battery charging for your mobile phone
  • Multipoint function – connect two mobiles to use simultaneously

The Bury 9056 plus hands-free kit helps you stay safe and within the law when driving your car.

At our Newcastle showroom  we stock a wide selection of hands-free kits from basic kits to vehicle specific integrated systems. In addition, we offer a bespoke installation for your individual requirements.

Bluetooth kits are the perfect Christmas present, however an important factor is they can also help keep your family safe and within the law. Please call into our Newcastle showroom or give us a call for prices and installation costs.


Wireless Audio

Listen to your music on your phone 

You can operate your phone or media player

whilst your hands are on the wheel 

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