Bury CC9056 Plus Bluetooth Kit

The Bury CC9056 Plus is the perfect gadget to equip

The Bury CC9056 Plus is the perfect gadget to have in your vehicle, it provides a safe way of connecting your mobile device and utilising music apps to transfer the audio output through the vehicle. The Bury CC9056 Plus also allows phone calls to be made so that it can be accomplished hands-free while driving. This also contributes to safety as it can be utilised in an emergency. The system itself is an accessible touch screen that can be navigated easily and it also consists of a phone charging function to guarantee unlimited talk-time in your vehicle.

Bluetooth kit

Music management

You can enjoy unlimited music through the Bury CC9056 Plus kit due to an integrated 30-watt digital amplifier. The name of any audio played will be recognised and displayed on screen. Simple actions such as skip, pause and play will be displayed on the screen to give you complete control of the audio.

What’s included with the Bury CC9056 Plus?

Ultimately, the Bury CC9056 Plus comes with a mount to stand on top of the dash. A microphone and a micro USB charging cable are supplied with a starter guide to assist you through the process of linking everything together. This would include setting the device up on the dash and linking it to the car along with setting up Bluetooth and navigating the menus. The screen is detachable therefore it can be placed wherever the driver feels comfortable or wherever the gadget feels most accessible.

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