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Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits

Stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas?

We have put together a few little Christmas Gift Ideas for you in our latest article.

Bluetooth Hands Free Kits 

We offer a wide selection of Bluetooth hands-free car kits

Bluetooth hands-free kits can help keep your friends and family safe and within the law. We have a wide selection from basic hands-free car kits to vehicle-specific integrated systems. Furthermore, we can also offer a bespoke installation for your own individual requirements.

Bluetooth car kits are a great Christmas present, here at Sounds Alarming we are authorised installers of Parrot hands-free systems.

Not only can you make calls whilst driving in a safe way, but you can also listen to your music from your phone whilst keeping your hands on the wheel.

Thinkware Dash Cams

As the dark winter nights are approaching, our Thinkware dash cams could be perfect for your vehicle.

There is every chance you or your family could be involved in an accident. When this occurs it can be extremely stressful and often difficult to remember all the important details regarding the accident. Dash Cams can be a very important witness in the event of an accident.

Our GPS Dash Cam’s record also the speed and location, therefore in the event of an accident the situation can be assessed a lot more accurately.

Especially good for teenagers you can track and record their journey, which is excellent when they are learning to drive to help them become better drivers. We have a wide selection available at our showroom in Newcastle from leading brands such as Pioneer, Thinkware and Silent Witness. In addition, we offer an installation service if required.




Parking Sensors

An ideal present for almost anyone, they can help make parking much easier and prevent costly bumps and scrapes.

With more and more cars on the road, it’s often hard to find a space with plenty of room to manoeuvre.

We offer a wide range of parking sensors including ultrasonic and electromagnetic parking aids. Our parking aids can be fitted to either the front or the rear of your vehicle. Furthermore, they can be painted to match the colour of your car. For your information, adjustments can also be made to accommodate tow bars etc.

Reversing Cameras

Where there is a screen on the dash we can connect your camera to it. In the event of vehicles not having a display unit, we can install one. We offer a wide range of parking sensors and cameras from Laserline, ParkSafe and Flashpoint if you are unsure about which is the best system for your vehicle give us a call.

Pioneer Stereo Systems

Pioneer lead the way in this field, they are constantly looking for new developments and features to add to help improve the driving experience.

We have a wide range of different systems available, all which can be fitted at our Newcastle showroom.

Features from our Pioneer range include:

Smartphone Integration

Apple CarPlay a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone whilst travelling in your car. Offering easy navigation and fantastic audio and communication capabilities, whilst you keep your eyes on the road.

Android Auto this simply transforms your car, with easy and safe access to your apps and services. Letting you browse, stream or engage Google Maps for navigation and traffic updates. All whilst you are keeping your eyes on the road.

Pioneer’s Advanced Remote Control (Pioneer ARC)

An amazing piece of technology which converts your iPhone or Android into a touchscreen remote control. In-turn allowing you to control your Pioneer head unit into an easy to use way of browsing music, launching your apps, and customising the settings of your system.

Authorised Installers

We also offer an installation only service, if you have purchased a product elsewhere, just bring it in with your car and we will give you a cost for fitting.

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