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Are heated seats the solution this winter?

Could heated seats by the solution for keeping you warm this winter?

In Britain, we love our comforts and when it comes to our cars it certainly does not stop there. Over the years cars have become more comfortable with many high-tech appliances in technology for both comfort and ease.

So what about heated seats? Are they worth the extra money?

Well, firstly the good news is if your car was not fitted with them, you can now have them installed for a reasonable cost. Perhaps you have seen a used car you love, unfortunately, it does not have heated seats.  Now thanks to advances in technology we can supply and install them after your purchase at a reasonable cost.


What are the benefits you can expect with heated seats?

  • Soothing for aching backs
  • Instant warmth on those cold winters mornings

In new cars heated seats often come as an optional extra in a winter pack.  When adding them as part of a winter pack, be aware that you are probably not just paying for the heated seats, in fact, other added extras as well.  Therefore it may be worthwhile calling us for a quote for your new car and have them fitted at a later date.

When it comes to used cars by adding them after you have purchased a car, certainly gives you more flexibility in choosing the car you want. Often car buyers see a car they love, but unfortunately, it does not have heated seats. These days this certainly is not an issue, they can be fitted at a later date.

Suppliers and installers of leading brands

For your information Sounds Alarming are based in the North East of England, we are authorised suppliers and installers for Parksafe, CKO and Motormax.  No matter if your vehicle has leather seats, vinyl or cloth we can install the seats for you.


Why not book an appointment today to discuss the supply and fitting of your heated seats?

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