Roof Bars

Here at Sounds Alarming we have a wide choice of Thule car roof bars available in stock.  Simply  choose one of our all in one roof rack options that best suits your requirements.



For your information, all our roof bars offer aerodynamic load bars with heavy-duty functional systems and are compatible with holders from cargo carriers and bike racks including kayak and surfboard holders.


Thule Car Roof Bars

Thule roof bars are of excellent quality and come with fittings to suit most models and makes of vehicles. Quite a lot of vehicles come with several options for Thule roof bars. In addition to the standard black plastic-coated galvanised steel square roof bars there are also quiet aluminium WingBars and SlideBars. These are perfect for use on more taller or wider vehicles.

The Thule roof bars are available in an all-in-one roof rack system, if you prefer we can also offer you a fitting service. These offer both a safe and secure road offering and come with a choice of either heavy-duty or aerodynamic load options. Including the added option of adding carriers for cycles, kayaks and boards.

Choosing the safer option

Once you purchase your Thule roof bars you are closer to hitting the road and going on new adventures. Our aerodynamic roof bars are not only great for performance they offer a sleek styling which can match the overall look of your car. For customers who need a heavy-duty or occasional use roof bars, the square load bars made of galvanized plastic-coated steel maybe the better option.

A trusted name

For your peace of mind, all Thule roof racks are tested at their Test Centre in every imaginable way including crash tests and general wear and tear. Furthermore they tested for exposures to heat, cold, damp, sun and harsh chemicals.

Thules priority is safety both for its users and the people around them. Thule products are given the official seal of approval after they have gone through their numerous tests to the limit and beyond. Allowing you to just concentrate on your adventures ahead.

If you want to create your own bespoke roof bar system for your own personal requirements. You simply choose the feet, fixation system and bars which fit your vehicle. Allowing you to transport your belongings in the style you want.

As Thule Partners, in addition to roof bars, we offer a huge selection of bike carriers and boxes at our showroom in Newcastle. Each of these can be supplied and fitted and also come with the additional benefit of a 5-year guarantee.


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