New Season Towbars For Motorhomes, Caravans & Trailers

As we are approaching the new season for towbar’s on motorhomes, caravans & trailers. Now is the time to get your vehicle ready for the season to begin.

Whether you are considering wild camping in Scotland or travelling to the South Coast or the Lake District. Towbars can give you the opportunity to explore new destinations.


Towing Caravans In The New Season Ahead

The following needs to be ensured if you are planning on towing caravans.

    • They must meet the EU regulations at present and be designed for your car.
    • Ensure you take it easy when towing a caravan around corners.
    • Tyres should be checked prior to each new journey to ensure safety on the road.
    • Do not exceed 50mph on a single carriageway or 60mph on a dual carriageway.
    • You should never have passengers in a caravan whilst towing
    • Number plates have to show the car registration and conform to British Standards. Furthermore, they should be illuminated at night.
    • Rear light panels need to be in good working order and visible. These should  also be checked prior to starting your journey.
    • Trailers that weigh over 750 kg, including their load, need to have a working brake system.
    • For trailers that don’t have brakes, the maximum tow allowance is 750kg or half the kerbside weight of the vehicle which is towing it, whichever is the lowest.
    • Heavier items should be kept lower down and close to the axle, to try and make the overall weight of the caravan as light as possible.

Towbars for Motorhomes

Towing a car with a motorhome can make life a lot easier when nipping to the shops or doing site seeing and parking in busy car parks.

Although many people love VW camper vans and they offer a great base, often people find they can get too cramped during the evenings. With larger motorhomes, although they are great on the campsite their size does limit where you can go when you are out and about. Therefore towing a small car can give you the best of both worlds, offering you the ability to roam with no boundaries. Alternatively, some people also choose to tow a small boat or canoe using a small trailer can also make this possible.

With towing comes however a few other issues such as reversing, speed limits and other restrictions.

You can find out more about these specifically for motorhomes on the Government website. 

Supplying & fitting towbars

Here at Sounds Alarming, we are here to help advise you on the right type of towbar for your vehicle. We supply and fit all leading brands for further information please give us a call.

Leading brands available

Finally, with leading brands of towbars available at our Newcastle store.  Getting the right tow bar to suit your individual requirements is important. Another important factor to consider is also the type of electrics you require.

You can find out further information on our towbars page. Alternatively, you can contact us at our Newcastle shop for more information and help in choosing the right towbar for your towing requirements.

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