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At Sounds Alarming we understand how difficult storage space is to find in vehicles. As partners of Thule, we offer a huge range of roof boxes that make finding storage a lot easier for you! Thule roof boxes are manufactured to have a long lifespan, easy to attach and safe for its users. We do offer a varied selection of roof boxes that are great for those that will frequently use them, however what if you are looking for a roof box you will only need temporarily?

Here at Sounds Alarming in Newcastle roof box hire is a perfect solution for when you need that little bit more storage space. You may want to consider hiring a roof box if you are:

  • Moving to or from university accommodation/home and would need to take more than one trip to fit all belongings into a vehicle.
  • Requiring more storage space for a holiday.
  • Going on a sports trip where equipment will not fit into the vehicle.
  • Moving house and transporting belongings from one home to another.
  • Going on a trip where you know you will be bringing more belongings home, ensuring that you can fit everything into the vehicle safely.
  • Are considering purchasing a roof box and would like to test out if its storage space works personally for you first.

How expensive is roofbox hire?

Hiring a roof box starts from only £7.50 per day. This fee also includes free fitting to your vehicle with a minimum hire of 1 week. If your vehicle requires roof bars, we also can supply these at an additional cost.

For more information on our types of Thule roof boxes please check out our blogs. If roof box hire is something you are interested in and you need more information, do not hesitate to call us on 0191 232 0800, we are always happy to help!



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