Thule Roof Box Suppliers Newcastle

Thule Roof Box Suppliers

Here at Sounds Alarming we know that roof boxes are one of the most efficient ways to add extra storage to your vehicle. They hold the solution for suitcases, utilities, camping/sporting equipment and so much more. Our selection of roof boxes could be your next storage solution so let me introduce you to our range.


Thule Ranger


This modern storage solution operates a foldaway car top box. It is particularly easy to store when not in use due to the foldable material. It is easy to install to the roof bars due to its ‘EasySnap’ system. Although the material may not seem as resistant as other choices, it is completely waterproof with zippers and locks to keep all belongings safe and dry.

Thule Motion XT



This roof box portrays the best practicality and style in one. It has a huge storage space that is excellent for big trips. This roof box is applied to the ‘PowerClick’ system which keeps your belongings secured. 


Thule Vector

Vector M


The Thule Vector is much longer than a typical roof box. It has brought a stylish, modern and sporty aesthetic to roof boxes. This roof box has been so outstanding in the industry that it even went on to win the German Design Award in 2020.

Thule Ocean

Thule Ocean 80

For those worried about fitting the roof box to their roof bars, the Thule Ocean are provided with 80mm wide U bolts that allow an easy fit to the bars. Not only are they are a great practical storage solution that can store up to 50kg, they are also considered as the budget range.

 Thule Force XT

Thule Force XT


This is our most popular range. One of the most resistant roof boxes available, the Thule Force XT will not let you down at any time of year. This roof box secures to your vehicle through power-clip clamps. It also comes with a lock knob that relieves pressure from the key and protects the key from any damage.

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