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Key Features Of the SmarTrack Stolen Vehicle Tracking System

In-House Monitoring

The SmarTrac 24/7 Secure Control Centre fully monitors the device throughout the UK and Europe.

Movement Alerts

In the incident, your vehicle is moved without starting the ignition or the driver identifier is not present the vehicle the Control Centre will contact you to ensure the vehicle safe.

Battery & Anti-Tamper Monitoring

The SmarTrack tracking devices come with a built-in battery backup. In the event that the battery is disconnected or the main power supply for the tracking device is removed, it is activated.

International Network Roaming

Multi-network, roaming SIMs are in all of the SmarTrack products this is to ensure a strong network connection at all times.

Repatriation Network

In addition to working with the police forces, the SmarTrack Global Telemetrics team use independent repatriation investigators throughout the world to help recover stolen vehicles.

Driver Identification

Intelligent Driver Recognition monitors the driver of the vehicle. In the event of the driver, not being present the device will send an alert to the Secure Control Centre.

Recognised by Major Insurers

Giving you peace of mind for yourself and your insurer.

Flexible Subscriptions 

Currently, they offer yearly, monthly, 24 and 36 month options

Multiple Tracking 

In addition to the GPS-based tracking, SmarTrack uses other technologies in order to track and locate vehicles in the event of theft. Meaning they don’t just rely on a GPS when it comes to obtaining a location.

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Insurance Approved SmarTrack Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Save £100 on the SmarTrack Protector Pro category 6/S7 stolen vehicle tracking system.

Normal Price £299 Now Only £199 (plus subscription charges)

SmarTrack Protector Pro category 6/S7 is perfect for all cars, vans, plant and agricultural machinery, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Price includes fitting at our garage in Newcastle, your home or workplace, subject to availability.

SmarTrack Stolen Vehicle Tracking

For your peace of mind, the Global Telemetrics Thatcham Secure Control Centre monitors all of the SmarTrack tracking devices 24/7.

  • Thatcham/Insurance approved devices including fleet asset management facility (product specific)

  • Highest Thatcham standards

  • 24/7 commissioning and support service

  • Dedicated 24-hour phone number for theft

  • Full European coverage including police and repatriation network

  • Thatcham/Insurance certification on active subscription

  • Free Android/iOS app

  • Intelligent Driver Recognition technologies available for S5 and fleet

  • All of the SmarTrack devices come with a free app for Android/iOS


Every 5 minutes a vehicle is stolen in the UK *

The Home Office statistics show that 75,308 vehicles were reported stolen to the police in the 2013-14 financial year. This figure then increased to 111,999 in 2017-18. Representing a 48.7 percent increase, the latest figures equate to one vehicle being stolen every five minutes.

*Home Office figures from SmarTrack at time of publishing.

How are these thefts taking place?

Below are the methods currently being used to steal vehicles.

  • Vehicle key theft – Bypassing the vehicles manufacturer security system.
  • Relay method – This method amplifies your wireless vehicle key signal, in turn allowing the thief to open and start the vehicle.
  • Key scanning – Capturing the Keycode upon locking or unlocking the vehicle.
  • OBD key programming – This is used to code in new car keys and disable the security system.
  • Burglary/Vehicle hijacking

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