What’s the difference between the S5 & S7 Trackers?

What makes the S5 & S7 Trackers Different?

For car insurance trackers, the most popular purchase is the S5 and S7 tracker. Both of these trackers are Thatcham security approved and have a huge focus on decreasing crime and car theft. So what are the difference between these two trackers?

S5 Trackers

S5 trackers offer all of the features the S7 has plus ADR, which is automatic driver recognition. The owner of the vehicle is provided with 2 ADR fobs (one to keep as a spare) that allows you to be recognised as the authorised driver. If the vehicle is moved but does not have the fob within it, it sends an alert back to the control room that can determine fast if it is a theft, and then alert the police ASAP.

Motion Alerts

If your vehicle is moved even without starting the ignition, there shall be an instant trigger in the control room. This means that any thieves trying to tow your vehicle in an attempt to sneakily get away, shall be caught just as easily.

Live Control Room Supervision

If there was an attempt to steal your vehicle, the control room is monitored 24/7 by staff that alert the police straight to your vehicle. They are able to do this very efficiently through the live tracking installed in the S7.

Global Coverage

If a thief is quickly able to remove your vehicle from the country, the trackers extend globally, ensuring your vehicle has security no matter where it is. It also means that if you often travel abroad with your vehicle, it stays safe in your travels

To summerise what is the difference between the two?

The S7 does everything the S5 does however you dont get the automated driver recognition.

S5 vs S7 Car Trackers

Car Trackers

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