Car Thieves are using technology used by breakdown services to get past car locks. 

Car thieves are using hi-tech scanners to reprogramme electronic keys and steel executive cars. The cars mentioned most at risk were BMW, Audi and Range Rover models.

Easy to buy electronic scanners are being used by criminals to steel Britains popular executive cars 

This is being done in under 60-seconds on many occasions and without a scratch. This was controversially revealed by investigators at BBC Watchdog.

Criminals have devised a technique that allows them to break into cars and simply drive away with some of the most expensive and secure cars on the market. All this is done using a hi-tech device that is easily bought online to get inside the vehicle.  They then get a second electronic device to re-programme a blank electronic key to start up the vehicle. The process of this literally takes minutes.

In some cases, some of the insurers have refused to give cover to cars which are parked on public streets due to this recent rise.

A spokesman for Watchdog said: “A demonstration for the programme shows how a BMW X6 key can be programmed in just 12 minutes and a Range Rover Evoque in just 10-seconds”.

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The number of vehicles stolen in the UK has risen by 30% in the past 3 years. 

Car crime is on the rise again according to the data collected by the RAC insurance. The number of vehicles stolen in the UK has risen by 30% over the past three years.

London was the worst region in 2016 for car theft with almost 26,500 thefts reported y the Metropolitan Police. The biggest increase in car crime has come from West Yorkshire, with thefts increasing from 3561 in 2013 to 5597 in 2016 a huge leap of 57%.

Below are the most popular thefts.

BMW 5 Series, Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Vogue


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