Keeping your vehicle secure

Thefts are on the rise throughout the UK, certain parts of the Country numbers are rocketing

Recently with the help of Northumbrian Police a device which was installed by ourselves saw the vehicle recovered within hours of it been stolen.

The device installed was the Meta Trak S5 deadlock system, which is Insurance Approved & Thatcham Accredited. 24/7/365 National Security Inspectorate (NIS) Approved Security Operating Centre. A system which is secure against relay attack and key cloning. It can help prevent vehicle theft. Meta Trak S5 deadlock combines automatic immobilisation with sophisticated tracking to prevent vehicle theft.



Benefits of the Meta Trak S5 Deadlock System

ID Tags help fight modern day theft methods

24/7 control room monitioring

Live tracking from smartphone, tablet and desktop

Instant alerts if anything out of the ordinary is detected, such as unauthorised movements, a low battery and disconnected battery.

In addition, the system shows journey history and driving score and comes with both UK & EU coverage.


Secure against relay attack and key cloning

Developed in response to the staggering increase in thefts of vehicles, especially by the relay attack method, Meta Trak S5 deadlock immobilise and tracks the vehicle. This is the most comprehensive vehicle security and connectivitity system on the market.

Theft prevention with immobilisation

No ID Tag, No Start

The starter immobiliser arms automatically after the engine is switched off and disarms with the ID Tag.

OBD Port Protection

For the prevention of key cloning, Meta Trak provides an OBD Port Immobilisation via the smartphone app or web.

Lock Down from App or Web

Deadlock immobilisation is activated via the app or web, the vehicle cannot be started, even with ID present.

S5 Deadlock PLUS


Can integrate with your vehicle’s alarm, where compatible to receive notifications in the event of a trigger.

Relay Attack

This is where theieves can steel your car without even entering your home or touching the car’s keys. The thieves use two transmitters or relay boxes one is held close to the property the other next to the car. The signal is lengthened, fooling the car to thinking that the key is actually present.

Meta Trak S5 Deadlock, combines advanced immobilisation with the new generation tracking technology 24/7 control room monitoring and their easy to use app. Assessed by Thatcham and meeting their strict approval criteria.

Features Include:

  • Live Tracking – see where your vehicle is with pin point accuracy
  • ID Tags – if the vehicle is started without the ID tag and a alert is generated.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Secure operating centre to monitor your vehicle around the clock.
  • Instant Alerts – You are always connected to. your vehicle with unlimited alerts.
  • Journey history – Review up to 30 days journey history and analyse driving efficiency such as braking, cornering and acceleration.
  • Select your mode – Keep your journeys private with privacy mode or switch to easily to service or transport mode from the Meta Trak App.
  • Journey History
  • Select your mode

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