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Towbar fitting service Newcastle all supplied by Sounds Alarming

Offering clients in and around Newcastle a professional fitting service.  For your information, we employ all our own towbar fitters and do not subcontract any of our work to 3rd party companies.

Various Types of Towbars we supply

All our towbars and from leading manufacturers.  In addition to ourselves our suppliers also make towbars for car manufacturers, assuring you of the highest quality.

When it comes to our towbars, we offer two different styles, a flange ball towbar and a swan neck towbar. The flange ball has a faceplate which has the towbar bolted on to it. Where the swan neck comes in one piece with the towball attached. Both of these options are available as either fixed or a detachable option.

After considering your towbar, you need to decide which type of electrics you want. For which type of socket hinge you go for depends on what you will be towing.

Towbar Fitting – Electrics

Single Electrics

Single electrics ( 7 pin), only allow you to power up the lights on your trailer or caravan, this type is also suitable for bike carriers. When it comes to towing this is the minimum legal requirement which is allowed.

Twin Electrics

Twin electrics use ( 2 x 7 pin sockets) which are wired into the car to power the caravan. Powering both the road lights, interior electrics for example a fridge or freezer and reversing lights.

13 Pin Socket

Caravans which were manufactured after 2008 in the UK  have 13 pin connectors built-in. This type of connection is twin electrics which are merged together in one socket.

When it comes to the functionality of your caravan day to day, getting the electrics right can make a large difference.

Dedicated Wiring Harnesses

Harnesses are another service we offer, we can supply and fit vehicle specific wiring harnesses. We have a large selection available which come in either 7 or 13 pin kits. For your information, these can be fitted into the actual interface of the vehicle. Original connectors can be used with these or they can communicate with the vehicles management system, enabling the manufacturers trailer stability programs (towing safety feature).

Fixed Flange Ball Towbars

These are our most popular towbars and are used mainly for towing large trailers and caravans. Not only can you tow your caravan or trailer you can also carry your bikes on the back whilst towing, (following the recommended weight limit). In addition, you can adjust the height if required.

Benefits of the flange ball towbar

  • Bikes can be carried at the same time (subject to nose load limits)
  • Bumper shields can added
  • AL-KO towballs also can be fitted
  • Towing heights on 4 x 4 and commercial four hole plate towbars can be adjusted.
  • Variety of towing couplings
  • Accessories can be added.

Detachable Flange Towbars

These are exclusive to the manufacturer Witter, you get the versatility of the fixed flange bar however, you only see a very small part when detached.

  • Tow and carry your bikes at same time
  • Removal of Towball available whilst not in use
  • AL-KO towballs can be also fitted
  • When not towing it does not set off reversing sensors
  • Variety of towing couplings available
  • Various accessories can be fitted
detachable-flange-tow bar

Fixed Swan Neck Towbars

In the UK these are not as popular as they are in other countries. We don’t find these as flexible as other designs we stock due to its compatibility when it comes to accessories and fittings. You can still get bike carriers for the swan neck, but unfortunately you cannot tow at the same time.

If reversing sensors is your concern however, this is tow bar is the least likely to set off your reversing sensors. A important point to make though is if you have a bumper shield on your vehicle in can’t be installed with one.

  •  AL-KO Stabiliser compatible
  • Unlikely to trigger your reversing sensors
  • Slightly more expensive than a flange towbar
  • Can’t be installed with a bumper shield.


Detachable Swan Neck Towbar

Popular in Europe, due to the fact its detachable and can be removed when not in use. Another benefit of this is the fact when its attached you can still access your boot with ease. Furthermore, additional attachments are also available for people who want to also carry bikes. Please be aware though, if you are carrying bikes with this towbar you cannot tow at the same time.

  • Towball is removable
  • Unrestricted access to boot
  • AL-KO and friction stabilisers can be added
  • Reversing sensors not set off whilst towing

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