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Roof boxes are a great way to add additional storage to your vehicle. From things such as sleeping bags, suitcases or even sporting equipment, the uses are endless. We have a section of high quality Thule roof boxes to offer that we shall introduce you to below:

The Thule Ocean

The Thule ocean boxes are supplied with 80mm wide U-bolts so that they can be directly fitted to roof bars with ease. They are of a high quality and a low affordable price. The ocean box can carry up to a 50kg load, perfect for ensuring you have enough storage for all essentials (and even more on top of that). Not only this, it gives an aesthetically pleasing look with a finish in a gloss black. There are four options to choose from with each one able to cater for any requirements set.

Thule Ocean 80

Thule Force XT

This is a Thule roof box that is great for use at any time of year. No matter what your usage intentions, from biking to skiing, this range offers it for all! Not only this but these boxes take less than a minute to mount with the powercrlips clamps that secure it to the roof. It contains a new lock knob that allows pressure to be relieved off the key and protects the key from any damage. There is access to both sides of the box with the ‘dual side’ opening, as well as the ‘sidekick’ locking system which provides central locking.

Thule Force XT

Thule Motion XT

If you are looking for a more modern and aesthetically pleasing roof box, this could be the one for you. Its huge storage capacities allows to to travel with almost anything within. These models are easily applied to the roof bars with the ‘PowerClick’ mounting system. Alongside this, there are torque indicator knobs that click once installed securely so that the driver knows it is safely attached. These can come in the colours grey and black depending on the model.

Motion XTM

Thule Vector

The Thule Vector tales a new design to roof boxes. It is high quality product that operates in a stylish way with modern touches. They appear much longer than a typical roof box and have plenty of storage space for essentials.

Vector is a stylish, sporty and sophisticated roof box, setting a new standard for premium roof boxes. Its design adds a distinctive look to your vehicle.  Thule Vector stands out in the crowd and is a roof box like no other.

Its unmistakable design and dynamic tilted front offers a modern, athletic appearance. A perfect interplay of aesthetics and advanced functionality. Winning the German Design Award for 2020 you cannot go wrong with this premium product.


Award Winner Thule Vector
Vector M

Thule Ranger

The Thule Ranger is a foldaway car top box. With their foldable material, it makes it extremely easy to store when not in use and can be kept in convenient place such as the car boot. It has a very easy method installed to attach to roof bars, which is the ‘EasySnap’ mounting system. It is completely waterproof with zippers and integrated locks. It is one of the most versatile roof boxes that you can alter yourself for your journey.


Further Information on our roof boxes

Finally, if you would like further information see our roof boxes section or give us a call for our latest prices.  We also hire roof boxes if you are interested in this please see our hire section.

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