Towbar Fitters In Newcastle 

Towbar Fitters In Newcastle

Here at Sounds Alarming we offer a huge supply of towbars from top manufacturers and leading brands. From our Newcastle premises we offer full fitting services for your vehicle. So, what do we have to offer?

towbar-fitting-service-newcastleSwan Neck and Flange Towbars

Our services cover both swan neck and flange ball tow bars that can be fitted by ourselves. These products can come as detachable or fixed to your vehicle. 

A variety of electrics available

Once you’ve chosen the towbar that is best suited to you, the next step is choosing the type of electrics that are needed. The socket that is best suited to you depends on what you shall be towing. If you are starting to feel clueless, definitely do not worry, our team is here to help you make the right choice!

Single and twin electrics

Single electrics are 7 pin electrics. They are able to power the lights on your caravan or trailer you are towing. They are also suitable for bicycle carriers and are the minimum legal requirements for towing in the UK. Twin electrics use two of the 7 pin sockets available. Unlike the single, twin electrics can power not only the road lights but the interior electrics also. They are wired to the car itself which then tows the caravan and allows the power through it.

13 pin electrics

Caravans that were built before 2008 may not have a 13 pin connector, but all of those afterwards shall. The 13 pin electrics are essentially the twin electrics in one socket.

Dedicated Wiring harnesses

At Sounds Alarming we also supply vehicle specific wiring harnesses. These are both available in 7 and 13 pin kits. If you are worried about installation, this can be handled for you by us in our Newcastle premises, including programming if required. These harnesses are able to be used alongside the original connectors which can communicate to the management system if required.

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