The New Pioneer VREC-150MD Dash Cam

What we can provide you with our dash cam

The Pioneer VREC-150MD dash cam has been produced to save you from fraudulent insurance claims by recording road footage when you are out on the roads. This dash cam is the most efficient way of identifying who is at fault in an accident therefore there is no reason to worry about no evidence when you purchase the product. With car security advancing, high definition recordings are captured to ensure that the footage is clearly visible. This allows you to easily distinguish who is at fault with high definition recordings. The sole purpose of the product is to capture accidents and road incidents so that there are no fraudulent situations therefore new ways of ensuring the safety of your vehicle are constantly being produced. With the VREC-150MD it is more than possible to protect your vehicle from scams.




Within the package, there are 2 dash cams for the front of your vehicle and the rear end of your vehicle. Both dash cams are high definition to ensure the quality of the footage captured is top standard. This is crucial to see registration plates along with other features to identify vehicles. This is supported by over 2 million pixels which are recorded in high resolution to supply the perfect image and can be viewed on the 6.7 LCD display. The angle of the front camera covers 150 degrees which allows all areas in front of the vehicle to be covered. This would be important for cyclists and other hazards which may pass your blindspots. The back camera covers 120 degrees to supply you with extra data if there was a hazard behind your vehicle.


Features of the Pioneer VREC-150MD

In addition, one of the main features of the dash cam is that the main camera lens which is located on the back of the central mirror can be adjusted to your own need. The kit also comes with an external waterproof rear camera which can easily switch to the parking camera when in reverse. The Pioneer VREC-150MD dash cam has 8GB to 64GB microSD compatibility, class 10 or higher.

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