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Insurance Approved Tracking Devices By SmarTrack – Huge Reduction

Massive reduction on tracking devices by SmarTrack for a limited period whilst stock lasts. Save £100 on the SmarTrack Protector Pro category 6/S7.

Normal Price £299 Now Only £199 (plus subscription charges)

The SmarTrack Protector Pro category 6/S7 system is ideal for all cars, vans, plant and agricultural machinery, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. The price includes fitting at Sounds Alarming in Newcastle or your home or workplace, subject to availability.

If you are looking for tracking devices the SmarTrack Protector Pro Category 6/S7 system offers the following

  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) to protect your vehicle with Interpol assistance in over 100 countries
  • Apple Global Telemetrics  & Free Android App
  • Thatcham Approved TQA208
  • 24 Monitoring with Stolen Vehicle Recovery in the UK
  • Battery disconnect/low-level alert – receive a phone call if your battery is disconnected
  • Movement Sensor Alert – protecting your vehicle in the event of someone trying to tow it away
  • Small convert black box which has Internal Aerial Technology – GPS/GPRS/GSM/LBS
  • 3-year warranty for both parts and labour (this is extendable to 12 years)
  • 12 and 24 volts compatible

Tracking devices – helping prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

10 most stolen cars in 2017

People often look for tracking devices after the incident has occurred. However especially if you drive one on of the vehicles on the list below, you may want to reconsider your security.

According to a report from TRACKER, many top of the range vehicles, for example, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been stolen and recovered in 2017. However, opportunists don’t just target high-end vehicles, in recent years we have seen them accessing vehicles by hacking their keyless entry systems.

Amongst the UK’s most stolen cars here are the top 10

  1. Mercedes Benz C Class
  2. BMW X5
  3. Range Rover Sport
  4. Mercedes Benz E Class
  5. BMW 3 Series
  6. Land Rover Discovery
  7. Range Rover Autobiography
  8. BMW M3
  9. VW Golf
  10. Audi RS4

Higher priced vehicles found themselves in the top 10 as you can see above. Compared to the report in 2016 the C-class rose from 4th to 1st place. Volkswagen also came into the top 10 with the VW Golf. In 2017, the increase year on year was 5%, since 2014 the increase has been 30% in the actual number of recovered stolen vehicles according to TRACKER.

Thieves are finding breaking into cars easier, they are using a ‘relay attack’ in order to break in. The process involves two people using an electronic signal relay, this then intercepts a key fob signal in the victim’s home.

Furthermore, according to Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liasion at TRACKER, he said: “80% of vehicles stolen and recovered by TRACKER back in 2017 were stolen without using the owner’s keys”.




Tips to help keep your vehicle safe

  • Keep car keys out of sight in your home, thieves can try to get them through your letterbox
  • Always double check you have locked your vehicle
  • Be aware of anyone hanging around your vehicle, they could be waiting to try and block your signal to gain access
  • Ensure your vehicle has an alarm and immobiliser fitted
  • Park where possible in a locked garage
  • Having a lock on the steering wheel, gearstick or handbrake can also offer an extra level of security
  • Install a quality tracking device such as the SmarTrack Protector Pro on your vehicle.

Keyless entry vehicles are more at risk

Research shows that most vehicles are actually stolen without the keys.  In the 2017 figures it showed over the last 5 years we have seen an increase of over 40% in vehicle theft. According to TRACKER, the new keyless entry system is one of the reasons for this. Furthermore, their research showed that 80% of vehicles which were stolen in 2017 were without the keys. One of the methods was by using the ‘relay attack’ mentioned above. Other methods included using radio transmitters to capture the signal so they could gain entry to the vehicle.



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