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Make parking effortless by having Rear Parking Sensors

Rear parking sensors one of the most popular driver aids. Most of us have been in a situation where you reverse your car, check mirrors it looks clear then crunch. Your bumper has come into contact with an object and caused damage. Rear parking sensors can help protect your car or vehicle from these situations.

Although rear parking sensors have been around a lot of years on high-end cars. This technology is now proving popular on more affordable cars, however, there are still many cars out there which don’t have rear parking sensors.

Why Rear Parking Sensors?

These sensors allow drivers to hear how close they are to objects, protecting them from bumps & scrapes

The Benefits

With many drivers every day experiencing bumps and scrapes due to parking accidents. If your car does not already have them fitted they could certainly be a worthwhile investment.

Not only can we supply rear parking sensors and front parking sensors, we also can fit them for you too. Parking sensors can be fitted to the rear or front of your vehicle and then painted to blend in with the paintwork of the bumpers. Our rear parking sensors can also be adjusted to work with cars or vehicles using rear-mounted tow bars.

Rear Parking Sensors Our Brands

We supply and install both Parksafe and Laserline parking sensors. This is due to the reliability of these brands over the years. Furthermore, we have a  number of various colour coding options to ensure they match up with your paintwork.

How Rear Parking Sensors Work

The sensors work by helping to detect obstacles behind your vehicle. Especially if you are struggling to park in a tight space they can help guide you in without damage to your car.

With the latest ultrasonic technology, a cone of sound which is at the rear of your car bounces off any obstacles which are behind your sensor.

The brand of rear parking sensors

For your information, we also do a range of front parking sensors you can find out more information about these on our website.

Benefits of Reversing Sensors


Apart from the obvious benefits of having reversing sensors. Financially they should pay for themselves even if they prevent you from having just one accident. Generally, an excess on an insurance policy is at least £100 nowadays. Plus claims could affect your no-claims and impact on the following year’s insurance. 

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