£38.6 Million worth of vehicles recovered in 2022

Vehicles recovered in 2022

In 2022 £38.6 million worth of vehicles were recovered, a huge increase of £15 million from the previous year. According to leading brand Global Telemetrics the most common time of theft was between 12am-2am. These statistics can be worrying for any vehicle owners.

In 2022, the most commonly recovered vehicle was a Range Rover Sport, followed by the Range Rover Vogue. This does not mean that just cars such as range rovers are at risk. Other vehicles that appeared often in the year review included Abarth 595, Renault Captur, Volvo V90 and the Ford Transit.

The areas that are most concentrated with high levels of car theft are London, Lancashire, Birmingham, South Yorkshire and Essex. Although these are areas that are now recommended to take extra caution when ensuring effective vehicle security, car theft is on a general increase across the whole country, especially in areas that have a high value car population and an increase in gang crime.

Car theft is an issue that unfortunately is not going away anytime soon. No matter what vehicle you own, you should be alert to the ways that modern thieves are stealing. From high risk situations where cars are left to defrost on driveways to more unexpected theft such as keyless entry, the increasing crime rate is bringing so many more drivers in contact with extra security to protect their vehicles.

The extent of increasing crime in the vehicle industry has led to a larger step forward in security. Installing up to date vehicle trackers ensures that these crimes do not go uncaught. In 2022 Global Telemetrics statistics, there were record recovery times within 7 minutes! The installation of a tracker ensures that even if the worst happens to your vehicle, you have the right security in place for the best chances of recovery.


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