Pioneers new 4k dash cam VREC-Z810SH

Pioneers New 4k Dash Cam the perfect Christmas gift

Pioneers new 4k dash cam VREC-Z810SH could be the perfect gift, coming with the new advanced driver stream system, the dash cam experience is taken to the next level. This system allows you to keep your eyes on the road with modern voice messages that activate when a risk is spotted. Especially for newer drivers this Christmas, it allows them to relax in perhaps their first time in icy conditions with a new sense of security.

If you’re looking for a practical Christmas gift for that one person you just can’t seem to buy for, a dash cam could be a great option for you. A dash cam gives drivers of all experiences a third eye on the road, improving their safety on the road and aiding the avoidance of fraudulent insurance claims. The Christmas season is a perfect time to install a dash cam to your car, especially with the cold and ice conditions that we often find ourselves driving within. With some insurance companies, a dash cam can even lower your premium each year, although make sure to check this with your insurer beforehand, as it can vary depending on company.

For those that have struggled to find a dash cam that has never worked for them, the VREC-Z810SH records a huge range of areas that are susceptible to blind spots! Catching dangerous driving and hazards from the front and back. So what exactly are all of the features that make this dash cam such a great addition to your vehicle?

– 4K high resolution image, 30fps

– 139 degree wide viewing angle

– STARVIS™ technology that utilised Sony’s CMOS sensor

– Wi-Fi


– Night Time Mode for good footage at all times

– 24/7 security options for the best safety levels possible

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