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Thatcham Category 5 Changes

On the 1st January 2019, Thatcham Research security product assessments changed they now come under new Thatcham Security Certifications.

The previous Category 5 has now changed to Category S5 and S5+

If you are wanting to protect your vehicle then you should certainly consider fitting one of these. Thatcham the body responsible for rating car trackers recommends the previous Category 5 now Category S5 or S5+ as one of the best for high-value and prestige cars and SUV’s. Not only will the Thatcham S5 and S5+ satisfy your insurance company. You will have peace of mind that your car is fitted with one of the best anti-theft devices on the market.


What do the Thatcham Category S5  and S5+ Trackers Do?

The Thatcham Category S5 and S5+ trackers offer the utmost in car safety and security. In addition to being able to track your vehicle at all times, you also get a lot of great features with this device.

  • Fitted with GPS technology, you can track your vehicle through apps and desktop software.
  • You can geo-fence your vehicle. Restricting how far the car can travel before an alert goes off.
  • Your vehicle will benefit also from tamper alarm technology, alarming you when something  is not right.
  • Category 5/S5 /S5+ tracking systems let you activate and deactivate your system with their encrypted driver-id fobs or their ADR tags.
  • Furthermore, you can monitor previous journeys and track where your car has travelled
  • The optional remote immobilisation is also an added feature on Category S5+ trackers. However from January 2019, this feature was no longer mandatory for insurance.

Limited Period Only

SmarTrack S5 Installation including hardware was £599 now only £399

Subscriptions apply starting from £159 annually or £13.49 per month.

Offer ends 31st December 2019

The Benefits 

Further benefits include:

  • CAT 5 and S5+ trackers are one of the safest of their kind.
  • They help lower your insurance premium
  • Locate and activate your tracker from anywhere in the world. By using the app provided you can monitor your vehicle in real-time.
  • Ideal for business vehicles and expensive cars, a deterrent for thiefs.

Here at Sounds Alarming, we can fit and install your CAT S5 and S5+ tracker at our Newcastle showroom and we also offer a mobile service.

Our most popular devices are:

SmarTrack S5 and S5+

Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 

Finally, if you would like to find out more about these products and how they can help you please get in touch.


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