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Car Insurance Trackers in Newcastle upon Tyne

Approved insurance trackers

Insurance trackers are a standard requirement when vehicle owners are taking out a new car or asset insurance policy.  Over recent years theft has risen especially when it comes to high-value vehicles. Therefore vehicle owners are encouraged to safeguard their higher value assets.

We offer a range of Thatcham (insurance approved) trackers which are monitored 24/7 from a control centre, helping aid protection against theft. Key features include keyguard functions, tamper alerts plus immobiliser options. In the event of a vehicle being stolen the control room will communicate with the police directly until your asset is recovered!

In addition to us supplying the Thatcham trackers, our certified engineers will also fully install your device and issue you with a certificate of authenticity for your insurance company. Furthermore, this may result in a reduction in the price of your insurance policy.

For the first time in several years, the Thatcham trackers offer vehicle owners an advantage over the thieves.

Thatcham Cat 5 

Thatcham Cat 5 insurance trackers are they highest spec available. Offering optimum security along with recoverability, these are the most commonly installed within high value/performance vehicles.

Thatcham Cat 6

Thatcham Cat 6 insurance trackers are the most common out of the two. These provide many of the same functions and features as the Cat 5, the difference is they don’t include remote immobilisation or the level 1 police response.

Our SmarTrack Tracking Systems

SmarTrack  Cat 5 Tracker 

  • Suitable for all vehicle makes and models
  • Insurance approved Cat 5 Insurance vehicle tracker
  • Installation by Authorised Thatcham Fitters
  • Level 1 Police Response
  • Remote vehicle immobilisation
  • Driver Recognition System




 SmarTrack Protector CAT 6 Car Tracker

Thatcham approved CAT 6 car tracker.

  • Fully insurance approved CAT 6 Thatcham Car Tracker
  • Installed by our own team of authorised Thatcham fitters
  • Worldwide protection against theft of your car



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