Car Theft Security Systems

Security system technology to prevent car theft

The rise of car theft

Car theft has been rising to staggering figures over the past few years which may lead to greater concern for license holders across the UK. Theft ranging from Business vehicles to personal vehicles all create the same distress and trauma when experienced. Further in the article, the statistics of vehicle burglary in 2020 will be shown to provide the importance of vehicle management and safety.

Basic Tips to Prevent Car Theft

There are many different ways that car crime can be kept at a minimum by following the same steps when looking to park your car. Before leaving the vehicle, identify a well-lit area to park your car and ensure all windows are closed. To lower the chances of car theft, park your vehicle in a garage or on your property if possible, with cameras covering the area. If cautious, apply a wheel lock to prevent rotation of the steering wheel when not in use or install vehicle security systems.

The concern over Car Theft

In 2020, it had been reported that 74,769 vehicles were stolen across the UK which averages out to be 205 vehicles per day. This is an increase from 2019 where 56,288 vehicles had been targeted. This drastic increase in 1 year leads to believe it will only become worse as time goes on. This creates a greater demand for vehicle security systems and education across the country to fight back against this rise.

Security technology to protect your car

With technology on the rise, vehicle tracking has never been made easier. It can be accomplished with a few touches on your phone. In the case of an emergency, the vehicle will always be pinpointed and updated on the app regularly with notifications to alert when the car is moving. If the movement of the vehicle is verified as unknown by the vehicle owner then the police will be alerted of the stolen vehicle which operates 24 hours and 7 days a week in the app. Here at, we install the GPS tracking system to ensure the safety of your vehicle. You can find out more about this on our tracking page.

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