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Stolen Vehicle Trackers in Newcastle upon Tyne

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Stolen vehicle trackers in Newcastle. Our advanced Car Trackers offer both security and peace of mind for your vehicle to help protect your vehicle from theft. 

Benefits of a Car Tracker?

In the event your car is stolen, tracking devices use VHF, GSM or GPS tracking in order to send out  updates about the vehicles location using real time tracking technology which is monitoring the location of your vehicle and can take appropriate action in the event of a theft.

Car trackers offer piece of mind when it comes to theft. However it is not their only advantage it can actually also help lower your insurance premiums.

Recognised Car Trackers?

With technology constantly improving in car trackers. We work alongside a all the major brands to ensure we deliver the best in technology for our customers.

New Drivers Detection By Global Telemetrics – Two Choices Now Available

This new device comes as either a credit card sized driver recognition system that is easy to keep in your purse or wallet. This detection allows further protection with the system checking to see if the card is present when driving your vehicle. Furthermore this system is monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week through the Local Telemetric Secure Control Centre. The other option is the mobile App which is a new way of using your mobile phone for driver identification.

The D id Driver Detection Card Operation System

The card gives you extra protection for your vehicle and is available for all global telemetrics monitored S5 tracking systems. When driving your vehicle you must ensure the card is turned on and with you whilst driving. If it is missing from the vehicle at any point the global telemetrics centre will be in touch with you and any other listed numbers on your account, you are advised therefore to have other family and friends numbers listed in this case, you can get more information on this new system at

Operate via your smart phone

D-iD™ the new way of using your mobile phone  for driver identification. The new D-iD™ app offers the ability to link directly with the tracking information in order to determine if your mobile device is actually within the vehicle itself when driving. This system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre.

When it comes to accessing the app you need to install the Global Telemetrics, Thatcham accredited S5 tracking system and have a live subscription. After downloading the app and completing the validation process, simply follow the on screen prompts whilst sat in your vehicle with the ignition on. Just login to your mobile app and then follow the instructions for connecting your device to the vehicle. Your mobile device needs to be paired to your vehicle’s bluetooth system before you begin.

If in the event your mobile device is not present in the vehicle when driving the vehicle the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre will call you to ensure your vehicle is safe.

The Driver Identification utilises your mobile device system as an alternative to the driver detection card.

In the event you forget your mobile phone the Global Telemetrics will contact you via either text or phone generally it is advised to leave more than one number with the contact centre.

There are two different modes within the app:


Whist driving the system will generate an alert if the app is not active on your mobile device. In the event your battery is flat or you left your phone at home, the Global telemetrics centre will contact you and any other approved contacts on your system to ensure everything is ok with your vehicle.


When in manual mode the system will push a message through every time your drive the vehicle

asking the end user to confirm that the vehicle is safe. You can contact the global telemetrics team direct from your app.

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