Introducing the new SmarTrack S5+iMOB Car Tracker

SmarTrack car tracker battery technology

The new SmarTrack car tracking system introduces some of the newest technology known in vehicle security. Every system has great security to ensure the safety of your vehicle at all times allowing no rise in concern about a power loss. All SmarTrack tracking devices contain their own in-built battery systems for security. The battery is engaged when the main power source from the vehicle is removed or an external power supply is removed from the device. When connected to the vehicle battery source, the device can monitor the battery level and alert the driver when the voltage level gets low

Installation and safety

The SmarTrack car tracking device is easily transferrable with a simple process of removing the device and re-fitting it into the new vehicle. SmarTrack devices are recognised and approved by all major insurance companies across the UK and Europe providing comfort for customers and insurers.

The stolen vehicle tracking devices are also assured by Thatcham and can be fitted into almost any vehicle. These vehicles include cars, caravans, motorhomes, vans, lorries, cranes, plant machinery, tractors, motorcycles and even marine.

SmarTrack monitoring features

The SmarTrack S5+iMOB Car Tracker allows in-house monitoring which certifies that the vehicle is monitored when not utilised. This is a 24/7 system that operates across the UK and Europe constantly providing fast responses if the vehicle is moved. If the vehicle is moved without the ignition being switched on, there will be an instant notification sent to the vehicle owner to notify that the vehicle is making suspicious movement. Vehicle monitoring is carried out through a GPS to identify movement however there are also other measures in place to warrant the safety of your vehicle.

Furthermore, its immobilisation activates when the vehicle’s ignition is switched off.  Disarming the vehicle through the Driver Detection card or the D-iD app on smart phones. The device monitors the battery voltage level, and ignition status, whilst detecting if the correct person is driving by using the driver recognition system.

Subscription options

There is a wide range of subscriptions available dedicated to your needs. Subscriptions range from monthly up to 3-year ownership and an option to pay for the entire vehicle ownership period. The SmarTrack devices have a 3-year warranty which is extendable to 12 years to assure that the device in question functions how it should.

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