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How vehicle tracking works

Vehicle tracking works by enabling constant communication between the GPS/GSM tracking system which is fitted covertly into your vehicle. This provides pinpoint live tracking data regarding the position of the vehicle and its movement including speed and direction of travel.

The integral roaming SIM automatically communicates with more than 36o local GSM networks with the combination of GPS and quad-band GPRS/GSM technologies they enable the constant transmission of the position data.


Thatcham Category Changes

From the 1st January 2019, all the Thatcham Research security product assessments changed and were conducted under a new Thatcham Security Certifications.

Category 5 = Category S5

Category 6 = Category S7


Thatcham Category S5

This is the new classification for vehicle trackers which were considered Category 5. Insurance companies mandate a Category S5 vehicle tracking system is fitted for vehicles over a certain value.

Tracking systems which are under this category offer the most security features. Remote immobilisation is no longer mandatory for the S5 classification.

Driver tags / automatic driver recognition are mandatory for this classification.

Thatcham Category S7

Thatcham category S7 is the new classification for vehicle trackers that were previously Category 6.

Category S7 vehicle trackers offer a range of features which range from simple tracking and locating to products which have additional value-added features for extra protection.

Vehicle Tracking The Ultimate Protection

With recent rises in car thefts in England and `wales. Major insurance companies often ask if vehicles have tracking systems installed as a condition of your cover. The growing issue of keyless theft, where criminals use relay devices to trick the car into thinking its the legitimate key is nearby is in the risk of becoming a standard practice.

By offering industry-leading specialist stolen vehicle tracking protection, you can rest assured that if the worst did happen, you have support on hand to try and retrieve your vehicle as quickly as possible.

The systems use the latest GPS/GPRS/GSM technologies to pinpoint accurate and unrivalled service levels.

Thatcham accredited and recognised by insurers

Our products by Vodaphone and SmarTrack are Thatcham approved and recognised by insurers.


Vehicle Tracking Features Include:

  • Automatic Driver Recognition – alerts the company if your vehicle is stolen.
  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking – accurate within 10 metres
  • European Coverage –  local police liaison and recovery across 52 countries
  • Tow-Away Alert – Triggered when motion is detected with the ignition switched off
  • Theft History – minute by minute tracking helps the Police secure convictions
  • International GSM Coverage – roaming SIM card offers coverage across 180 countries
  • Tamper Alert – activated when the battery is disconnected or discharged or wiring cut
  • System Health Check – regular automatic self-diagnostic check
  • Special Modes – activate garage mode or transport at a click of a button

App & Web Other Features Available

  • Live vehicle location – including Google Maps viewing
  • Trip reports – see your latest journey’s, distance travelled, average and maximum speed
  • Car finder route – shows the quickest route back to your vehicle
  • Geofence – set a geofence and receive a notification if your vehicle leaves that area
  • Speed alert – set a speed limit and get a notification if that speed is exceeded
  • SOS button – sends an SOS directly to the automotive secure operating centre
  • Self-diagnosis – health check

Limited Period Only

SmarTrack Protector Pro Category S7 was £299 now only £199

Excludes subscription fees, contact us to find out more.

SmarTrack Protector Pro category 6/S7 system is ideal for cars, vans, plant and agricultural machinery, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Price includes fitting at your home or workplace, subject to availability.

SmarTrack S7 Tracking System Includes

  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking with Interpol assistance in over 100 countries
  • Apple Global Telemetrics & Free Android App
  • Thatcham Approved TQA208
  • 24 Monitoring with Stolen Vehicle Recovery in the UK
  • Battery disconnect/low-level alert – receive a phone call if your battery is disconnected
  • Movement Sensor Alert – protecting your vehicle in the event of it being towed away
  • Small convert black box which has Internal Aerial Technology – GPS/GPRS/GSM/LBS
  • 3 year warranty for both parts and labour ( can be extended to 12 years)
  • 12 and 24 volts compatible

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