Motorhome Towbars

Motorhome towbars

Recently it has been becoming increasingly popular to install towbars to motorhomes. If this is something that you are also looking into, you need to ensure that you are choosing the right towbar and having it installed professionally for perfect safety and function. Although it may seem a simple process, fitting a towbar to a motorhome can involve a few choices and factors to take into account.

Age of the motorhome.

Towbars are vehicle specific, meaning that the age, make and model of your vehicle all effect the selection of towbars that are available to you. Towbars that are installed from 2012 and onwards are required to already be fitted with an EC type approved towbar. If your vehicle is registered before 2012, not to worry, your motorhome will need a towbar reevaluation. This process ensures that it is still safe enough to be in use.

How to maintain a towbar.

When looked after with good care, a motorhomes towbar should take little maintenance. When cleaning the towbar you should only use substances such as brake cleaner or white spirit to remove greasy remains. If any rust is to build up, an emery fine cloth is a tool for removal. When not in use however, a towbar cover is ideal to prevent any rust from building up in the first place.

Have the towbar installed and checked by professionals.

Before purchasing a new motorhome, it can be useful to have checks done on if it is able to have a towbar installed. Some motorhomes can have problems such as water tanks, spare wheels and other parts that prevent installation. Make sure you have a check of the rear end of the vehicle for any of these obstructions and if you’re not sure, always ask a professional. Once you’ve found out if your motorhome is safe for towbar installation you can get to work finding the most suitable one for you.

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