The New Thinkware F790 Dash Cam

Thinkware Dash Cam F790 What’s included?

When the product arrives, the box will contain a main dash cam unit with a dash cam mount and hardwiring cable with an adhesive cable holder. There is also a MicroSD memory card with an adapter to transfer footage to a wide variety of different devices. An easy to follow guide is also found within the box to take you through the simple process of setting the system up and installing it within the vehicle. The guide will also explain the data transferring process. 

Installation and Aesthetics

The two main parts of the structure consist of the dash cam and the dash cam plugin. The dash cam easily slides into the plugin providing the final product. The plugin system contains a connecting mechanism that allows a safe connection between the main dash cam and plugin. The mechanism also makes sure that there are no disconnections during vehicle use so that the dash cam is always in use with no malfunctions. It is a simple solution for dash cam mounting while maintaining a sense of flash and sleekness that can match the interior of your vehicle. The integration cable is located on the back of the dash cam plugin with a clean design so that there is no overheating and so the cable is not connected to the main component.

Video Technology

The main unit consists of a 1GHz Ambarella Quad-Core CPU which supplies excellent processing power to perform to its best ability while running on low power consumption therefore the battery will last longer. The main dash cam unit also has a High Dynamic Range system which alternates image qualities depending on different scenarios. If the image is bright it will tone the image down to make the most readable image possible. In the dark, colour contrasts are altered to provide optimum quality. The combination of the HDR system and low-light technology provides the best night-time performance both in use and parking video mode. The Thinkware dash cam also contains De-warping Video Technology to ensure that the image displayed is correct and not warped. At full optimisation, the device is able to stay functioning for up to 17.5 days.


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