Choosing the right bike rack


Our buyers guide to choosing the right bike rack

A bike rack is a very practical way to get your bike from location to location. No matter where you’re going, from a holiday to just exploring somewhere new nearby, bike racks can be the perfect solution. So how do you choose the right one?

Rear mounted bike racks

These types of bike racks attach to the back of your car and are secured by straps that wrap around the bike. They are ideal if you are requiring lots of roof space for other essentials such as a roof box, or just feel uneasy with bikes on the roof.
Not only this, rear mounted bike racks can be on the more affordable side. If you cycle in a larger groups, the rack can carry up to 3 bikes and can be removed when not needed. Another advantage is that it may be easier to mount the bike itself onto the rack, rather than a roof mounted rack.

Roof Mounted bike racks

These types of bike racks are fixed to the top of your car, they can be paired with a narrow roof box, however this will reduce the amount of bikes you can store. As they are stored on the roof, the bike rack still gives you full access to the boot and tow bar. This means if a caravan holiday is for you, you can take your bikes and your caravan all in one journey.
They do not take anytime to fit and you can fit upto four bikes on your roof, once again ideal for groups who are travelling. As they are on the roof, there will be no obstruction to your view, making it a safer option.

Tow bar mounted bike racks

This type of bike rack attaches to the tow bar of your vehicle. Adding a tow bar can be an easy process and our team would be happy to help. Tow bar bike racks can carry up to 4 bikes and leave the roof free to carry more bikes or a roof box. They are arguably the easiest to operate when mounting the bikes themselves.
They also, despite being on the back of the car, do not obstruct the view when driving. Some racks even have a tilt feature that allows the boot to still be in use. These are more suitable for electric bikes which are becoming more popular.



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