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Suppliers and Fitters of Bike Racks in the North East

Bike racks carry your bike wherever you want to go.  We can help you find the perfect bike rack for your bicycle, roof, towbar or boot mounted.

For your information, all the bike racks we supply are by Thule. A world-leader who knows the demands of bikers and offer a high-quality range of stylish products. In addition, they include a 5-year guarantee.

Each bike rack is tested in the Thule test centre to ensure they are both safe and sturdy. With a wide variety of products available, we are sure to find one to exactly suit your requirements.

Thules range of bike racks come in different types and can be mounted on to your roof.  Towbar mounted carriers are often much easier to load and unload they suit heavier bikes as well as electric bikes.

Safe, stylish and easy to use bike racks, what more could you ask!

Thule bike racks are thoroughly tested for your safety and the safety of others on the road. In addition to protecting your bike from damage or scratches, they are also easy to mount. Even the rear-mounted carriers allow you to gain access to your boot.  Not only are these bike racks thoroughly tested in the Thule Test Center™, they are also tested in real-life by Thule Crew athletes.  Giving you further piece of mind that you are buying a quality product, which is built to last.

Electric bike carriers

Electric bikes are getting more and more popular. In-turn many people are choosing to take their electric bike on holiday with them. This is now possible by adding an electric bike carrier on your towbar.

Transporting your electric bike on your bike carrier is getting more and more popular. A strong towbar is mounted at a practical height, which offers stability which can generally take the weight of two/three Electric bikes. It’s not a given that you can load an electric bike on any bike carrier. On average the weight of an electric bike is around 6kg more than a normal bike. The difference is partly down to the added battery pack and motor. The battery pack on the E-bike weighs around 3kg, between each E-bike there will be some weight difference depending on the type. For your information many of the electric bikes on the market come with a removable battery, meaning you can remove this from the bike to reduce the weight. In-turn this can be very beneficial when looking at the total weight.

Due to the weight difference for electric bikes, we recommend purchasing a bike carrier which has been specially designed to transport electric bikes and has been certified for 30kg per bike.

Suitable bike carriers for electric bikes

The following bike carriers we stock are suitable for transporting electric bikes on a towbar. Thule Easyfold XT and the Thule Verlospace XT.

Finally, if you would like more information on the right bike carrier for your requirements, please get in touch. For your information offer a full supply and fitting service and are trusted Thule partners.

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