Electric bike carriers

Electric bike carriers installed in Newcastle

Electric bike carriers fitted and installed in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Would you love to take your electric bike for weekends away or holidays? This is now possible now with a bike carrier on your towbar.



In recent years we have seen electric bikes become more and more popular. Now the good news is you can get electric bike carriers for your towbar.

Electric bikes require a heavy-duty bike carrier to be fitted in order to offer stability to hold the weight of two to three electric bikes. It is important to note that you cannot just load an electric bike onto any cycle carrier. Electric bikes tend to weigh around 6kg more than a normal bicycle, this is due to the battery pack and motor. The battery pack itself weighs approximately 3kg, however with electric bikes each will weigh differently depending on the type it is. Some of the electric bikes do however come with a removable battery, which when removed can reduce the weight.

Due to the weight difference of these bikes, we would still recommend purchasing an electric bike carrier which has been certified for 30kg per bicycle.  Electric bikes are also generally heavy and it’s not always easy to lift them on to the carrier. Some of the bike carriers now come with special ramps to make this easier.

Electric bike carriers and bikes laws and regulations

So you have found the right combination of bike carrier and electric bike to match the maximum nose weight of the towbar. However, there are still further regulations you need to meet before you can travel with your bikes.

  • No sharp edges should stick out
  • The bike carrier should have working rear lights and brake lights
  • You should have a yellow license plate attached to the bike carrier

Suitable carriers for electric bikes

The bike carriers we stock which is suitable are Thule Easyfold XT and the Thule Velospace XT.  For your information, we offer a full supply and fitting service and are trusted Thule partners.

Other Bike racks we stock



All the bike racks we supply are by Thule. Thules is a world-leader offering high-quality stylish products which come with the added addition of a 5-year guarantee.

Each of their bike racks is tested at their own centre to ensure they are both safe and sturdy. There is a wide range of bike racks available for different applications, including racks which can be fitted to your roof or towbar. Towbar mounted bike racks tend to be an easier option when it comes to loading and unloading more heavier bikes including electric.

Thule bike racks protect your bike from damage and scratches and are quite easily mounted. Furthermore, the rear mounted bike carriers also allow you to gain access to the boot area. Tested by real-life Thule Crew athletes, giving you further confidence you are buying a product which is built to last.

View our dedicated bike carriers page to find out more about the products we stock.

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