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The winter nights are fast approaching and our Thinkware dash cams could be just what you need for your vehicle.

Why should vehicles have a dash cam?

You should think of them as a “silent witness” that you can rely on. Nowadays with more traffic on the roads, it’s not always as safe as we often think.

During your daily commute, there is every chance you could be involved in a motor accident. Often these situations are very stressful and its often difficult for drivers to remember the crucial details regarding the accident. When it comes to Dash Cams, drivers can have a reliable witness, in turn helping protect themselves from the costs involved with liability. With a dashboard camera, you can relax knowing that you have a dependable witness.

With the GPS Dash Cam it records the speed and location and pinpoints this position on a map. When a collision happens, you can find out the speed and the direction so the situation can be assessed more accurately. Furthermore, you can track and record your journey which is great for teenagers who are learning to drive to help them become better drivers.

Please note this feature is only available with the built-in GPS or when using the GPS accessory which is sold separately.

Recording your journey



As soon as you start the ignition, the Dash Cam starts recording automatically your journey. It ensures that all important details are captured on video in the event on an incident. The dashboard camera comes equipped with an auto-looping system which allows unused footage to be overwritten once the memory card becomes full. When an impact happens the camera automatically sores the 20 seconds surrounding the event onto a flash drive. Therefore allowing the driver to review the footage of the incident at a later date.

Furthermore, the footage can be used at a later date as a form of supplementary evidence for insurance companies. Therefore, protecting against insurance frauds or in the event of a hit and run incident.

Video footage to capture the extraordinary

When travelling another great feature is the ability to have video footage of the extraordinary. Whether that is travelling through the stunning countryside, or taking a breathtaking turn in the road into a beautiful landscape or even a falling meteorite or a herd of bison crossing the road. The camera allows you to capture footage to share with your friends and family.

Thinkware Dash Cams various modes

Our Thinkware Dash Cams support various recording modes, allowing you to switch for the situation or your needs. It offers continuous recording, incident recording as well as motion detection. The power cable is connected all the time, therefore no need to switch on and off, the device will automatically switch between modes.

  • Continuous Recording – activated upon starting the engine. The recorded video is saved in one-minute clips, there is no need for recharging or replacing the battery.
  • Incident Recording – the built-in gyro sensor detects impact and starts recording even when a vehicle is parked.
  • Automatic switching between parking and continuous recording – the Thinkware Dash Cam detects voltage which confirms the engine is not running before it switches into Parking Mode. Motion detection recording is activated during this mode.
  • Motion Detection Recording – The Thinkware Dash Cam starts to record as it detects motion in front of the camera. If anyone approaches or is lurking around your car it will record the footage.
  • Rear View Recording Capability (Optional) – Thinkware Dash Cam pairs up with an optional rear-view camera when required. Designed with a high standard of quality and durability for a stress-free drive.

Suppliers & Installers

Here at Sounds Alarming, we offer both a supply and installation service for Dash Cams. Please either call into our showroom in Newcastle or call in to find out more about our products. You can also find out more information on our front facing cameras page on our website.

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