Introducing our new dedicated front parking sensor kit from Motormax

Motormax Front Parking Sensors – what’s to offer?

The front parking sensors kit assists with minimising blind spots and obstruction detection to maintain optimum awareness of the dimensions of your vehicle. It helps with many different scenarios such as parking and coming to a stop when driving. Knowing how far away obstructions are comforts the driver when manoeuvring in the safest possible way. The front kit is designed to operate via the brake switch or an accessory CAN bus module however the CAN bus module is highly recommended. The Parking sensors provide an instant output alert so that it gives the best judgement of how close the surrounding vehicles are. Using these systems provide no concern for damaging property due to the accuracy of the indications provided.

What is included?

Within the front parking sensor kit, it provides two different types of visual displays. There is a visual display for the front and back which gives a traffic light indication of how far away surrounding obstructions may be. This system is supplied with a splitter to connect an audible buzzer which is typically used so that the driver does not get distracted when trying to manoeuvre. The other system is an audible visual display to allow the driver to hear how distant an obstruction is. These two systems combined contribute to the safety of your vehicle when parking. The systems in use are supplied with 2m, 5m and 8m cables to allow installation anywhere on the vehicle. Finally, there is a switch to initiate the system on and off when needed.

Parking Sensor Kit Features

The Parking sensors are insulated, weatherproof and paintable for safety and sleekness to match your needs. The volume and sensitivity of the visual sensors can be altered for your own personal preference and whatever makes you feel more comfortable when driving the vehicle. The sensor head size is 23mm and the hole saw size is 18.3mm. The detection range of the sensors is 0.3-0.8M around the axis of each sensor providing substantial safety to your vehicle. Excess cables are also provided to remove the requirement of extension cables.

Motormax Front Sensor Kits

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