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Could a heated seat kit keep you warm this winter?

In recent years cars have become a lot more comfortable with so many high-tech appliances for comfort and ease. Heated seats are just one of the products installed in cars which the people of Britain love.

Did you know that heated seats can be installed in a vehicle after purchase? It makes no difference whether the interior is cloth or leather either.

The good news is you can also have them installed for a reasonable cost. Perhaps you love your car but its just too cold on those winter mornings, our heated seat kits can make all the difference. Furthermore, we get many customers that see a vehicle and although they like those leather seats unfortunately they are not heated. Now thanks to advances in technology we can supply and install them after your purchase.


Leading brand suppliers & installers

For your information, we are authorised suppliers and installers for the following leading brands.


Regardless of the finish of your seats leather, vinyl or cloth we can install the seats for you.

Why not book an appointment today to discuss a price for your vehicle?

Aftermarket Heated Seats

We have been installing heated seat kits for a number of years now at our workshop in Newcastle. Therefore you can be assured that your vehicle will be in safe hands.

With our retrofit heated seat installations we remove the trim and put it back in exactly the same way, so you would not know the difference. They are installed in the same way as the factory kits with 2 heat settings for both the seat and back area.

Heated Seat Kits 

These can be installed in most vehicles, regardless of the style or material. In addition, they can be installed either individually or as a pair and fitted to rear seats too if required.

Heated Seat Switches 

The switches are normally installed at the side of the seat base to maintain the factory finish. They are installed with a 3-way switch, high, low and off.

Base & Back Of Seat 

Using quick heat carbon technology that covers the seat base and back, our seats also come with a 3 year warranty for parts and labour offering you peace of mind.

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