Towbar Fitting Newcastle

Towbar fitting Newcastle upon Tyne

When it comes to towbar fitting in Newcastle, you are in safe hands. All the towbars we supply are from leading manufacturers due to the quality of their products. We have many years of experience in this industry and have customers coming to us from all over the North East for their towbars and our towbar fitting service. Over the years we have fit towbars for car dealerships, leasing companies, van hire companies and the general public. No matter if you are towing a caravan, trailer or industrial equipment we offer a wide range of solutions to suit a variety of different applications.

Professional Towbar Fitting In Newcastle

Sounds Alarming have years of experience in towbar fitting in the Newcastle area. Fitting a towbar is certainly not just a case of finding one which will match your vehicle. Various factors need to be taken into account, such as the weight of the car and the item you are towing.

Ensuring you get the correct towbar

Ensuring you get the right towbar to suit your vehicle is very important. Our staff are here to guide you on the right towbar for your vehicle and your requirements.

The types of towbars we stock are as follows;

Fixed Flange Tow Bar – This is one of the most common towbars in the UK. It is popular for towing caravans and heavy trailers. Furthermore, you can carry bikes on the back of your car at the same time, providing you do not exceed the recommended weight. With this type of towbar, you can also adjust the towing height if required.

Detachable Flange Tow Bar 

Exclusive to Witter, this type of towbar was introduced to offer the versatility of a fixed flange bar, whilst leaving just a small part visible when detached. It allows you to carry your cycles at the same time as towing, the towball can be removed whilst not in use. Another important factor is it does not trigger reversing sensors when you are not towing.

Fixed Swan Neck 

This type is not as popular in the UK. It is however used in other countries extensively. The fixed swan is not as flexible as our other designs and is not compatible with other fittings and accessories. Although you can carry a cycle, you cannot tow at the same time.

Detachable Swan Neck

The detachable swan neck is popular in Europe. Owners can just attach this tow bar when they need it, once its attached it does not restrict access to the boot. These are invisible kits which are fully hidden behind the bumper after the detachable neck is removed. Most of the vertical systems of detachable towbars come complete with a fold away electrical socket plate. This, in turn, enables the towbar electrics to be moved up behind the bumper whilst not in use. Furthermore, for security, all detachable necks are also lockable and come with a set of keys offering peace of mind when the vehicle has the neck in place. With our tow-trust models, they are supplied with a storage bag for safe keeping once the neck is removed.

Unfortunately, due to certain vehicles design, it is not always possible for a vertical system to be designed and fitted. Generally, this is down to not enough space behind the bumper for housing the neck and for the socket plate to be located. Therefore in these rare instances, we can try to offer customers a Horizontal system. Although this is not completely invisible it still offers customers a removable, lockable neck solution which gives customers all the benefits of a detachable system, the only thing missing is it is not invisible.

Key features of our Tow-Trust detachable systems are:

  • Invisible
  • Easy to use
  • Detachable towball
  • They have retractable electric sockets
  • Increased security (lockable neck)
  • Full VCA/RDW approval
  • Alko compatible
  • Does not affect reverse sensors once removed.

For your information, attachments are available to buy separately to allow you to carry bikes. Although they are available unfortunately you cannot tow at the same time.

Vehicle Specific Wiring Newcastle

Furthermore, we offer vehicle specific wiring, this is installed directly into your vehicle. The vehicle specific wiring kit offers benefits which a normal towbar fitting does not include. If you want the ability to safely tow vehicles or a caravan, this can provide you with improved safety and practicality during towing.

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