Fitted Towbars Our Buyers Guide

Towbars can be one of the most essential accessories for vehicles. Especially if you are off-roading or towing a caravan. With many different types out there it can sometimes be hard knowing which to choose? Hopefully our towbars buyers guide will help you with your decision.

What are towbars?

Towbars are devices which you can attach to the chassis of your car or van.  This allows you to tow other vehicles such as caravans, horseboxes, trailers and cycle carriers etc.

Various types of towbars

Towbars can come in a number of different types and they can have several uses. They can be used to tow caravans, trailers, cycle carriers or horse boxes etc. See below for our various options of towbars.

Fixed flange ball towbars

With the flange ball towbars they can function with ease with most towbar accessories. It has a towball mounted on to the tow bar and is attached with bolts to the towing vehicle.

  • You can tow and carry your cycles at the same time (this is subject to load limits)
  • Bumper shields can also be fitted
  • AL-KO towballs can also be fitted
  • Towing heights can be adjusted on 4 x 4 and commercial four-hole plate towbars
  • Towing couplings and accessories can be fitted

Detachable flange towbar

Our detachable flange towbars offer you all the versatility of a traditional flange version. However, only a small part of the towbar actually remains visible when its been detached.

  • Able to carry cycles and tow at the same time
  • The towball is removed when you are not using it preserving your shins
  • AL-KO towballs can also be fitted
  • It will not trigger reversing sensors when you are not towing
  • A choice of couplings and accessories are also available to be fitted

Fixed swan neck towbars

This is ideal for many different towing applications it offers a slim appearance. All our witter towbar mounted cycle carriers can be carried by the fixed swan bar, however, you cannot tow at the same time.

  • Compatible with AL-KO stabilisers
  • Less likely to set off reversing sensors
  • A little more expensive than the flange towbar
  • Can’t be fitted with a bumper shield

Detachable swan neck towbars

The detachable swan neck towbars are simple to use, slim and secure when attached only small part of the towbar is visible. Witter cycle carriers can be carried with this tow bar but you cannot tow at the same time.

  • Compatible with AL-KO stabilisers
  • Less likely to set off reversing sensors
  • A little more expensive than the flange towbar
  • Unfortunately, this cannot be fitted with a bumper shield



How much can I tow?

This is a frequent question we get asked. Knowing how much your vehicle can tow is very important for your vehicle, safety, legal and insurance purposes.

Your owners handbook should be able to inform you, alternatively go to your car manufacturers website, the figures are only to be taken as a guide.

To know the vehicles exact towing capacity you need to locate your vehicles VIN Plate, (vehicle identification number plate) this will have the exact figure stamped on it. Often the VIN Plate is found under the bonnet or on the pillar of your vehicle door. Your owners manual should also tell you where the VIN Plate is located.


Types of electrics for towbars

Single Electrics for towbars

With single 7 pin electrics, you can only power the lights on your caravan or trailer.  In addition, they are also great for bike carriers. This is the minimum legal requirement allowed when towing this would also be suitable for a bike carrier.

Twin Electrics for towbars

These use two 7 pin sockets, wired up to the car to power the caravan being towed.  These can power the road lights, reverse lights and interior electrics running a fridge or freezer for example.


13 Pin Socket

All caravans manufactured after 2008 in the UK  come fitted with 13 pin connectors, they are twin electrics merged together in one socket.

Choosing the right electrics can make a big difference to the caravans functionality on the inside.

Dedicated Harnesses

For your information, in addition to the above, we can supply vehicle specific wiring harness. Offering a large range of both 7 and 13 pin kits, which can be installed into the interface within the actual vehicle. Original connectors can be used and communicate directly with the vehicle management system. Harnesses can also be programmed to most vehicles by our team here at Sounds Alarming, please ask for further details.


Finally, if you would like to find out more information or to see our range please visit our dedicated page. 

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