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Proud towbar installers in Newcastle for Tow-trust the UK’s Best Quality Towbars.

A tow-trust towbar is completely 100% laser cut, this results in consistently manufactured parts, which make alignment much easier when fitting.

Huge range of towbar products by Tow-trust


We have a large range of Type Approved towbars for both commercial and non-commercial vehicles.

The range includes:

  • Fixed Flange Towbars
  • Fixed Swan Neck Towbars
  • Swan Neck Detachable Towbars

Furthermore, all the tow-trust towbars and accessories are e-coated. In-turn offering an industry leading 1200 hour salt spray test certificate. Making them 10 times more durable than regular powder coated products supplied by the other UK and European manufacturers.

We can supply all towbars and accessories from two balls, pins, ball and jaws, electrics, steps and much more.

For you information, all the tow-trust products are British made from a family run business. We believe they offer supreme quality at a very competitive price.

Below are a range of the Tow-trust towbars we currently stock.

Fixed Flange Ball Tow Bar

The most common in the UK is the fixed Flange ball tow bar. Popular for towing heavy trailers and caravans. Furthermore, it will allow the towing of both a trailer or a caravan, in addition, you can carry bikes on the back of your car at the same period providing you are within the recommended weight limit. The fixed flange ball allows you to adjust the towing height if required. We find this is a flexible tow bar hence its popularity.

  • Tow and carry your cycles at the same time (subject to nose load limits)
  • Bumper shields can be fitted
  • AL-KO towballs can be fitted to this towbar
  • Towing height on commercial and 4 x 4 four hole plate towbars can be adjusted. 
  • Offers a choice of towing couplings
  • Accessories can be fitted to this towbar

Detachable Flange Tow Bar

This is exclusive to Witter, they recently introduced this version of tow bar to offer all the versatility of a fixed flange bar, while leaving only a small part of the towbar visible when detached. 

  • Tow and carry your cycles at the same time
  • Towball can be removed when not in use to preserve the shins!
  • AL-KO towballs can be fitted to this towbar
  • Does not trigger reversing sensors when not towing
  • Offers a choice of towing couplings
  • Accessories can be fitted to this towbar
detachable-flange-tow bar

Fixed Swan Neck Tow Bar

This type of tow bar is not as popular in the UK, however, in other countries, it is used extensively. It is not as flexible as other designs and is not compatible fittings and accessories. Cycle carriers are available for this type of towbar but you cannot tow at the same time. 

Out of all the towbars, this one is most likely not to set off reversing sensors. Unfortunately, it cannot be installed on vehicles with a bumper shield.

  • Compatible with AL-KO Stabilisers
  • Unlikely to trigger reversing sensors
  • A little more expensive than the flange towbar
  • Can’t be fitted with a bumper shield.


Detachable Swan Neck 

Popular in Europe, this is a detachable tow bar meaning it does not have to be on your vehicle all year round. Therefore enabling vehicle owners to attach it just when they need it.  Once attached to cars it does not restrict accessing the boot. Furthermore, attachments are available to buy separately for this tow bar to carry bikes.  Cycle carriers are available for this type of tow bar but you cannot tow a vehicle at the same time. 

  • Towball can be removed when not in use
  • Unrestricted boot access
  • AL-KO and other friction stabilisers can be fitted to this
  • Does not trigger reversing sensors when you are not towing. 

Tow-trust steps for vans & commercial vehicles

Finally, in addition to towbars and accessories, we offer a range of steps for commercial vans and vehicles. Some of these products can be incorporated into your towbar and the parking sensors.

Below are a range of the steps we can provide and the towing accessories.


A robust product full-width, with an anti-slip tread solution. Ideal for trade professionals looking for easy access to their vehicle via a heavy-duty step. Available in yellow or black and features a hi-visibility reflective strip. The pro-step range is also suitable for parking sensors to be installed.

Jumbo steps

Specially released for the Ford Transit Van, recently incorporated the Mercedes Sprinter and VQ Crafter Vans as well. The key features are the high corrosion resistance e- coated, jumbo steps, which have an aluminium anti-slip treat and integral reversing sensor points suitable for use with 18.5mm sensors.


We offer a full range of bolt on two-steps. If you are looking to combine affordability with a heavy duty step to use with a towbar this could be the solution. This range is extremely popular and offers a generous foot tread, designed to offer extreme grip and protection during poor weather conditions.

Other accessories we can supply are:
  • Adjustable height couplings –
  • Pinballs & jaws

Finally, if you would like further information regarding our Tow-trust products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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